Almost like in Oregon

Slovenia is mountainous country, at least better part of it, but this doesn't mean it's easy to picture the mountain railroading here. On the whole 60 km length of the mainline between Ljubljana and Jesenice there is practically only one place breathing the real mountainous atmosphere, the section between the stations Globoko and Radovljica where the line climbs out of the Sava River valley. I visit this place quite often, as it is very picturesque, and somehow it reminds me of the Rockies, or more specifically, to the Rocky Mountains' regions in Oregon and Washington. Perhaps this is somewhat preposterous thought, but I enjoy it whenever I'm there, and while I observe and photograph the trains on this electrified line, in my imagination I try to picture myself how it must have been watching the trains on the only electrified railroad across the Rockies, now long abandoned Milwaukee line to Seattle and Portland.
01-Gorenjska line  16-ZEL15-2786 Globoko CX  17-ZEL15-2788 Globoko CX  15-ZEL15-2790 Globoko CX  14-ZEL15-2793 Globoko CX 
13-ZEL15-8951 Globoko CX  12-ZEL15-8955 Globoko CX  11-ZEL15-8993 Globoko CX  10-ZEL15-8997 Globoko CX  09-ZEL15-9016 Globoko CX 
08-ZEL15-9023 Globoko CX  07-ZEL15-9045 Globoko CX  05-ZEL15-9050 Globoko CX  04-ZEL15-9053 Globoko CX  03-ZEL15-9068 Globoko CX 
02-ZEL15-9074 Globoko CX