Up Ptuj workshops

Slovenian Railroads (SZ) have several workshops where their rolling stock is maintained. One of the workshops is located in the northeastern part of the country, in the smaller town Ptuj (P-tooy) on the Pragersko - Hodos line. In the past this medium-sized workshop cared mainly for the railroad cars, the passenger cars being their specialty, and DMUs' bodies and trucks, while the mechanical parts were serviced in the nearby Maribor workshops. Besides, they were also inspecting and maintaining the wheelsets. In the past they did this only for the SZ and the volume of the work was relatively small, but in the last few years the railroad companies from other countries - Austria, Germany, and France - showed the interests to use their capacities and knowledge. The orders begun to grow and the management responded to the increased demand with the new workshop hall and by buying some new machining equipment. Now they are flooded with the orders and the wheelset servicing has become their main business. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours roaming through the shops and the part of what I've recorded during this rambling is presented in this album

Take Five

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